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Not all audiologists choose to specialise in this complex area of audiology. Tinnitus Centres is the first independent network of tinnitus specialists. All our registered audiologists are uniquely qualified to provide tinnitus assessments, advice and treatment using sound therapy via hearing devices. Tinnitus Centres brings together these specialists and provides additional training and accreditation to ensure you're given the best advice and treatment.

Tinnitus Affects Quality of Life

Tinnitus is a noise in the ear or head that can affect every aspect of life, including sleep, work and relationships. It can be debilitating and leave people feeling stressed and isolated.


Tinnitus is a symptom of any number of underlying conditions, most commonly hearing loss.  You may not have noticed that your hearing has changed as it may have only affected a very small part of your entire frequency range.


Many other underlying conditions can also cause tinnitus which can possibly be reduced or eliminated with various treatments. Tinnitus, however, can also be permanent.  Either way, the good news is that your reaction to tinnitus can be treated and relief can be found. A Tinnitus Centres audiologist can assess your tinnitus which may form part of the diagnosis of your condition and they will also be able to help improve how loudly and how often you notice your tinnitus leading to better quality sleep and relationships, etc. The good news is that tinnitus can be treated in almost all cases.

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Think You Have Tinnitus?

A good first step to take is to complete our online tinnitus assessment. This will measure the effect your tinnitus is having on you personally. It will also tell you what your next steps should be.

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Take Control of Your Tinnitus

There may not be a direct cure for tinnitus but that doesn't mean you can't have success in reducing the effects of tinnitus.


Counseling and treatment from an experienced audiologist professionally trained in managing tinnitus increases your chances of success in regaining your quality of life.

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Don't Believe the Myth

There is a common belief that there is nothing you can do about tinnitus. This is simply not true.


Book a Full Tinnitus Assessment and talk to your local Tinnitus Centres trained audiologist and find out about the many therapies and products available to help improve your tinnitus.

Benefits of a Tinnitus Centres Appointment

For truly effective tinnitus treatment, a Tinnitus Centres  audiologist’s specialised equipment, testing, and knowledge are essential. All Tinnitus Centres are trained by us, using clinically proven treatment methods and products that have high success rates for our patients. Our methods have helped many people regain their quality of life.

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