Tinnitus Self Help

There are a number of ways that improving your lifestyle and general well-being can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. There is no direct correlation between general wellness and the causes of tinnitus; however, it can provide strong external benefits that make living with tinnitus feel much easier.

woman in a swimsuit meditating by a large waterfall


Many people worry about their tinnitus and this can cause unbelievable amounts of stress for patients, which can in fact make the tinnitus seem worse. Through relaxation techniques you can alleviate stress, and help reduce the loudness of your tinnitus. You can try relaxation exercises from books, CDs and classes. You can also use massages, reflexology, yoga, tai-chi, meditation and mindfulness. You can find more information and some actual exercises in our Tinnitus Centres Self Help Guide.

Diet And Exercise

Diet has no direct correlation on the effects of tinnitus but it can have a tremendous affect on improving your general well-being leading you to notice the tinnitus less. Improving your stress and anxiety levels will enable you to get back to doing the things you love. By focusing on a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce hypertension and weight, increase blood flow, increase energy levels and improve emotional well being. Combining a healthy diet with exercise can mean the burden of tinnitus can be significantly reduced.

Social Interaction

Living with severe tinnitus can be very hard and lonely for some patients. It is important not to isolate yourself, as this can lead to depression and anxiety, which can increase the loudness of the tinnitus. Make sure you carry on doing the things you love, and continue to maintain relationships with friends and family.

Support Groups

You can reach out to other people that are also experiencing the effects of tinnitus in our forum or you can contact a support group. Contact the British Tinnitus Association on 0800 018 0527 who should be able to help you find a local group.