What To Do If You Have Tinnitus

1. Take the Test

Measure the severity of your tinnitus using our Online Tinnitus Test. This will then give you guidance as to what you should do next. 



Tinnitus is very rarely a sign of anything serious. It is most commonly temporary and even if it isn't your brain will likely learn to ignore it all by itself. Know that treatment is available if it comes to that. If you're tinnitus is particularly bothersome tinnitus, try not to panic or worry, as stress can actually make the noise seem even worse.

2. Read the Self Help Guide

The Tinnitus Centres Self Help Guide is based on the clinical practices we use in our accredited centres. Even if you are looking for one to one professional help, the guide will help you understand how we all hear and why you hear your tinnitus. This is the first step towards effective treatment.

3. Visit the Online Store

The Tinnitus Centres online store is full of tried and tested products recommended by our network of audiology professionals. There are a number of excellent sound therapy products here that can help during the day and at night.

4. Make an Appointment at a Tinnitus Centres Advice & Treatment Centre


We will first see if we can find and treat the underlying cause. If your tinnitus is permanent and causing you distress, we can work with you to help you manage it and live a normal life. We will find best possible treatments and therapies for you, helping you to control the tinnitus.       


Remember you are not alone! We can help you start your journey to managing tinnitus with the help of a professional. Check out some of our testimonials to hear how our patients' lives have been changed by Cognitive Tinnitus Therapy.