Tinnitus & Mindfulness

Mindfulness paper note on window

For those who really suffer from tinnitus, it's difficult to imagine that something like mindfulness could even begin to help relieve the woes of tinnitus. Mindfulness can be an extremely effective method for helping tinnitus become habituated. Habituation means that although tinnitus might still be there, it no longer bothers the person, and most of the time the brain just tunes it out. We're not saying mindfulness is for everyone, and unfortunately, it does require daily practise, so you have to commit to giving it a reasonable effort. Fortunately, it is easy to learn, it can be taught, and guided mindfulness sessions are recommended until you feel you can go it alone.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop what your doing. It's about being mindful of the present moment and paying attention to your environment, your actions, and your feelings. All this should be done in a non-judgmental way and just allow everything to be as it is.


During meditation, our heads do not become free of thought. We enter a space where each and every moment has our attention. We casually pay attention to sounds, sensations such as air blowing on our skin, and our emotions. Mindfulness meditation asks us to suspend judgement and approach our experiences with warmth and kindness.


You will have thoughts, and this is normal, but whenever you do, just notice that it happened and bring yourself back to the present for as long as you can.

How do I practice mindfulness meditation for tinnitus?

Observe the present moment

We're aiming to observe the present moment. Listen to the sounds in the background. It may help to focus on the breath and feel the air going in and filling your lungs, etc. Just connect to the present moment. Hear your tinnitus, and just allow it to be there. Do not judge it or become emotional about it; just acknowledge its existence. Now feel the air or your clothes on your skin. Check in with the body and see if you have any aches and pains, and again, just let them be there.

Let your thoughts roll on by

Our minds can often be very busy, and it might feel like it's impossible to quieten the mind and get into the present moment. Just allow it and do your best, because the practise is what matters. There is no success or failure in mindfulness, only improvement over the long term. Mindfulness is the practise of repeatedly returning to the present moment.

Be kind to your mind

Don't judge yourself. You will wander, and you'll also have thoughts about your tinnitus. This is normal. Just gently return to the breath and the present moment.

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