Tinnitus Device Trials

A tinnitus hearing aid being fitted for a trial

On the day of your tinnitus assessment, your tinnitus centre will be able to offer you devices on a free trial so you can assess the benefit before purchasing anything. These devices are likely to be hearing aids because they have tinnitus modules either built in or will connect to an app that you can control. Don't worry, as these devices are very small these days, and there are totally invisible ones for purchase if you like the effects.


For decades, hearing aids have been prescribed by audiologists to treat patients who have tinnitus, even if they don't have a hearing loss. Hearing aids have long been known to be effective in relieving tinnitus, either through amplification and/or providing background sounds. They may also be used along with other strategies to help you.

A patient commonly won't notice that they have a hearing loss, as they are often more concerned about their tinnitus, and the loss may not be affecting their overall hearing yet.


Simply amplifying the part of the hearing that's missing is usually enough for the brain to no longer notice the tinnitus. 4 out of 5 patients will find success this way if they have both tinnitus and hearing loss, no matter how minor the hearing loss might be. The severity of the tinnitus is not related to the severity of the hearing loss. Reduction in tinnitus is more effective with a device in each ear, even if the tinnitus is in only one, so don't be surprised if you are sent away to try two.


Trials are important when it comes to treating tinnitus, as 1 out of 5 patients will not find any significant benefit. Book your tinnitus assessment today and find out if we can help you.