Neuromonic & Neuromodulation Treatments for Tinnitus

Neuromonic/Neuromodulation companies claim to be able to reduce the tinnitus symptom by delivering tailored sounds targeting the effects of auditory deprivation and reducing the involvement of the limbic and autonomous nervous systems. CBT counselling elements are often also applied.


Neuromonic/Neuromodulation treatment is regarded as safe, but there is a lack of independent proof of effectiveness. Tinnitus Centres would naturally support any medical advancement in tinnitus treatment, but at this stage, they cannot recommend its use until further independent studies have been conducted. We would hope to one day support an independent clinical trial via the Tinnitus Centres network.


At Tinnitus Centres, we are firmly of the belief that the combination of sound therapy and counselling is currently the most effective treatment for tinnitus, so we are pleased that further research is happening in these areas. It's important to note that strong clinical evidence of any tinnitus treatment is difficult to find, as accurate measurement of the effects of treatment is, at this time, impossible. However, audiologists see tinnitus sufferers on a daily basis and see the positive effects that sound therapy and counselling have on their patients. Although anecdotal in nature, thousands of UK audiologists would agree that they provide undeniable help and relief to tinnitus sufferers.


Tinnitus Centres plans to test all types of devices that claim to provide tinnitus relief and provide real-life reviews as an alternative to, but not instead of, difficult-to-measure clinical trials. The sheer numbers involved in our network should provide at least some evidence of effectiveness, and we welcome approaches from anyone wishing to conduct trials.